Session Border Controller

Unify, Simplify And Secure Communication

Session Border Controller (SBC) offers a secure way to access the SIP trunking. Ecosmob offers cost-efficient SBC development services with well-integrated network and business management features with high capacity and high-performance servers. SBC solution enables carriers to integrate flexibly with vendors and new customers to intensify revenue opportunities and operational excellence.

Our SBC software development services allow users to control the types of call which can be placed through the VoIP networks. It offers robust security features that prevent users from resource damage. Its built-in firewall protects users from vulnerable DDOS/DOS attacks.

Key Features Of SBC Software Solution

Topology and Carrier hiding

Protocol validation

Flexible SIP header manipulation

Signaling protocol inter-working (SIP, SIP-T, and H.323)

Carrier tech prefix insertion / removal

Configurable called/calling party address manipulation

Codec transcoding

DTMF inter-working (RFC2833, Inband and SIP INFO)

Why SBC Solution Development?

Safeguards data & call journey

Improves Communication

Diminishes costs of infrastructure

Optimizes service quality and performance

Assures regulatory compliance

Boosts security


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