TensorFlow Development Service

TensorFlow Development Service

TensorFlow is second-generation, open-source, machine-learning software library created by Google Brain. TensorFlow helps users to program systems to perform a various set of tasks by feeding large volumes of data. At Ecosmob, we are well-stacked with TensorFlow developers that help customers leverage TensorFlow’s pre-defined set of tools, flexible architecture, speech recognition, natural language processing features and self-learning elements to serve their customers in meaningful ways.

As a TensorFlow development company, our aim is to respond and cater to customers’ need to build mobile and customer applications with unique AI-powered features. As one of the leading TensorFlow development companies, our aim is to help customers leverage TensorFlow software library to perform wide array of complex functions including prediction of customers’ online behaviour, image recognition, tracking inventory, directing robots to perform certain activities in the warehouse, etc.

TensorFlow Development Services

Ecosmob’s TensorFlow development team applies convolution neural networks to help machines recognize images in an intuitive and meaningful way. We leverage TensorFlow’s AI-module and repurpose it for image classification. It is best suited for business applications where they require matching and sorting of products and content in the inventory. We also offer image classification for medical diagnostics, risk assessments for credit cards and insurance companies, etc. This service also includes real-time subtitling, machine translations, speech recognition, image captioning and used for virtual assistant apps like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. We use TensorFlow’s large scale linear models for data crunching and prediction based on large data sets.

Image/Voice Recognition and Processing

Image Classification


Chatbot Services

Complex Numerical Computations

Outcome Predictions

Why Choose TensorFlow Development Services From Ecosmob?

Hands on skills with TensorFlow development

Experienced development team

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